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iCollect is software designed for iPads. It enables collectors to add items from their collection into the iCollect database.

By cataloging the items into the database, items can be easily tagged using Custom Properties. There are currently plans underway to move the software to iPhones and Android based devices.

Custom Properties allow the user to accurately describe unique attributes of almost anything one can collect. Aside from accurate cataloging, this allows the user to use the Search Function to precisely locate and filter one or many items.

This provides an excellent reference for collectors who need to maintain large or valuable collections.

Add Category

Delete Existing Category

Add Item

Delete Existing Item

Create Template

Add Photo

Using Basic Search Function

Using Advanced Search Function

Last Template Function

Using Hide Property Function

Using Sort Item Function

Using Merge and Delete Category Function

Accessing Menu Function

Statistics Function

Add Item Property

Delete Item Property

Sort Item Property

Using Camera Function

Using Dropbox Backup Function