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Templates can be created to help assist data entry, speed of entry and consistency of data collected across all collections. For ideas on what a template might look like, open up a new item and click Use Template. Select a Template to view.



To create a new template,

  1. From Home Page swipe from left of screen to right to bring up the Main Menu.
  2. Select Templates from the Main Menu.
  3. Tap the right side of the screen or swipe from right to left to hide the menu.
  4. To begin creating your New Template select the + action icon in the top right of screen.
  5. Type your desired Template name into the Template Name field.
  6. To assign individual requirements/prerequisites/descriptors to your template, tap the Add a New Property field to add a specifications.
  7. Tap on the Add a New property action icon.
  8. Enter the applicable detail into the Property Name and value fields. Add as many as required.
  9. To remove an unwanted Property, tap on the - action icon to the left of the Property Name field. This will bring up a Delete action icon.
  10. Tap on the Delete action icon and that Property Field will be removed.
  11. To save your New Template tap the back action icon in the top left hand corner of the screen. Your new Template is now saved and ready to use.

Why Templates are Useful