Insurance purposes, Collate all your collection details, from cost, to date of purchase, to item images and more. In the event of an insurance claim this information is invaluable. 

Make your collection mobile. Share your collection with others anywhere anytime. 

Create a portable database to assist in building your collection without confusion. Having your collection database with you when you are out and about removes the need to be able to recall the details of your collection from memory. 

Help your next of kin! If something happens to you will you family know enough about your collection to be able to deal with it appropriately? 

Record specific item data, provenance and any other relevant information as you acquire items. Preserve the integrity of the items history accurately. 

Draw down item locations and values quickly and easily. No need to go on a trip down memory lane to recall details such as date of purchase, cost or where you acquired your items. Quickly and easily recall the physical location of items within your collection. 

Take your items photographs in app or download from your devices camera roll. Each item can hold an unlimited number of images, enabling you to visually record all the finer details of your collection, making cross referencing and identification of your items easy.