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Terms of Service

International Collectibles LTD Website Terms of Use

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The company – “International Collectibles Ltd. Co. no. 513229476 11 Naomi Shemer St. Raanana, Tel +972-54-6551176, Israel

User – the user account on the website

Customer – business customer only, company or licensed dealer.

The provisions of these Terms and Conditions apply equally to members of both sexes, and the use of masculine pronouns is for convenience only.

The provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall apply to any action done by the “User”, as defined below, on the Website.

The provisions of these terms and conditions and the terms of use appearing on the website define the legal relationship between the user and the website, the terms of use of the website and / or the ordering of products from the website and indicate the user’s consent to these terms and other conditions appearing on the website.

The Company may, at any time, in its sole discretion, update these Terms and Conditions.


Account opening

·         Account opening on the website will be made by dealers and corporations only using the registration form or through a company’s agent. The website is not intended for direct sale to any type of consumers, collectors and cooperatives.

·         Registration on the website and filling out the form does not automatically allow placing orders on the website, but only after inspection and approval of the customer by the company.

·         The form must be submitted in its entirety, including all the required documents. Failure to attach the documents, without an express written approval, may result in the rejection of the application and a refusal to open the account.

·         The applicant must be an adult over the age of 18 or someone on behalf of an adult for whom the user account will be opened.

·         At this stage, each customer will be assigned only one username, intended for the use of the form’s signer.

·         In the event that additional user accounts are opened for the same customer, an additional signature will be required.

·         In the case of a corporation, confirmation of verified / certified signature rights by the company’s accountant / attorney will be required, together with the signature and stamp of the authorized signatory and a duly verified company protocol.

–          The user has a valid international credit card or other approved and legal means of payment (approved for use on the website and in general).

–          The user has an active e-mail box on the Internet.

Without derogating from the above, the Company may prevent any person from using the website, temporarily or permanently, at its sole discretion and without giving prior notice, including in any of the following cases:

·         Committing an illegal act and / or violation of any provisions under the law;

·         Violation of any of the terms of these Terms and Conditions;

·         Intentional submission of incorrect information;

·         Performance of an action that may impair the proper operation of the website and / or any of the suppliers and / or any third party;

·         The credit card held by the customer has been blocked or restricted for use in any way.


·         The company is the official importer of the brands listed on the website. The company undertakes to provide only official products that meet any copyright and trademark right requirements to the best of its ability.

·         The company’s customers undertake to refrain from knowingly purchasing and selling goods that infringe these copyrights. The company may stop selling to a customer who was found to be in possession of counterfeit goods, after a repeat notice.

It should be clarified that infringement of copyrights by the customer will result in legal proceedings in accordance with the law.

Order and delivery

·         Minimum order – a minimum amount of $1,500, with the minimum quantity of each item being indicated on the product page.

·         Preparation of a delivery order of products that are usually in stock shall be made within 7 business days. However, the company is not responsible for damage caused by any delay in delivery, loss of sales, etc.

·         The company reserves the right to specify the price agreed upon with the customer before delivery or to leave the cost of delivery to the decision of the third party agreed upon between the two.

·         Customers will be given the option to pick up the order from the company’s warehouses by prior arrangement

·         It should be clarified that in the case of self-collection, the company’s responsibility for the integrity of the goods will apply until the date of its loading into the customer’s vehicle or of someone on his behalf who will carry out the collection.

·         It should be clarified that except in cases of damage to the products, the return of products will not be permitted without prior written approval by the company.

Supply shortages

·         In case of discrepancy between the quantity ordered and the quantity delivered in practice, this must be reported within 48 hours from the date of delivery of the shipment. It should be clarified that the aforesaid refers to business days only.

·         The Company will make an effort to renew all shortages or issue a credit invoice as per its discretion.

·         The customer must wait for a written notice from the company about the action to be taken regarding the shipment. An additional order placed through the website by the customer before the goods are restocked may lead to a double shipment.

Damage to products

·         In the event of a defect discovered in the products provided by the company, it must be reported with photos no later than 48 hours from the date of delivery. The company may request to return the products before making a final decision on the return approval and the amount of the credit given for them.

·         In any case, the right to deduct and credit from the amount of the invoice for damaged goods is reserved for the company only and the customer will not have the right to deduct any amount from the invoice without the written consent of the company.

·         If a defect was reported in the product provided by the company and was recognized as damage under its warranty, the company may choose, at its sole discretion, between partial credit for the product and its collection for full crediting / replacement with the same products or their equivalent.

·         If it is decided to collect goods and return them to the company’s warehouses in case of damage, the company will coordinate their collection with the customer. The customer must make sure that the goods are packed in their original packaging and are ready for collection at the time of the courier arrival. Delay in collection may result in collection charges.

Making an order and the correctness of the catalog

·         In the event of a technical error in the data on the website or the presentation of a price list different from that agreed with the customer, the company reserves the right not to honor the order.

·         The information about the products displayed on the website is intended to serve the customers in order to enable a better-quality sales experience, and sometimes the information will be published even before the product goes on the market. However, there may be differences in the details of the final product such as a picture, or slight deviations in the dimensions and weights listed for the products. The company makes an effort to provide reliable information but, in any case, will not be liable in the event of damage as a result of relying on the information.

·         The availability of inventory shown in the catalog is an indication only. In the event of a shortage of stock, the company reserves the right to prioritize the allocation of stock as it sees fit.

·         Execution of an order on the website constitutes consent to the terms of sale as they appear in this document as well as the price of the product presented to the customer on the website.


·         The company reserves the right to update the prices and / or discount on the website from time to time and at its sole discretion.

·         The recommended price for the consumer, as presented, on the website is only a recommendation. The company is not responsible for any loss caused to the customer due to a sale in accordance with the recommended price list.

Order dates and pre-orders

·         Upon opening the account, the customer will be included in a loss of recipients of mailings about expected launch dates for the products we sell. Registration to the website constitutes consent to receive mailings.   You can unsubscribe from this mailing list at any time.

·         The launch dates published in the mailing list are arbitrary and are intended to provide an approximate date only. The company is not responsible for any delays in the official launch date and for the date of delivery of the products themselves in the event of delays by a third party or due to force majeure.

·         In addition to the launch dates, a date will be announced which is the final date for the pre-order. After this date, any allocation of inventory will be on the basis of the available inventory only, without any obligation on the part of the company.

·         However, making a pre-order through the on-site ordering system will constitute an obligation to pay for the goods ordered. Cancellation of pre-orders will not be accepted after sending them.

·         In any case, an order will not bind the company before it has been approved in writing / by notice to be sent to the customer.

Terms of Payment

Prepayment by bank transfer.


·         The company will not bear legal responsibility for any expense and / or direct or indirect damage caused as a result of the sale, storage, transportation and use of the products it markets.

Applicability of the agreement

·         All terms in the contract are final and agreed to by the customer upon his subscription to the website and his application for a customer account.

·         The jurisdiction in any dispute that arises with respect to the agreement and purchase on the website will be of the competent court in Tel Aviv, Israel.

·         The purchase on the website is for business customers only and accordingly the applicable legal provisions shall be those referring to purchases.

·         In the event of the supply of products and services beyond what is agreed in this agreement (marketing material), the customer may be required to approve to further agreements that will not contradict this agreement but will be in addition to it.

·         Any deviation from the agreement to be agreed upon explicitly in advance and in writing.

·         In the event of a discrepancy between a document published elsewhere, including the Company’s documents, and this Agreement – the provisions of this Agreement shall prevail


1.      All intellectual property rights, including patents, copyrights, designs, samples and trade secrets, are the property of the Company only, or of other third parties authorized by the website management to use them.

2.      These rights apply, inter alia, to the data on the website, including the list of products, description and design of the products and any other details related to its operation.

3.      These rights also apply to the name of the website and the domain name of the website, the trademarks (whether registered or not) are all the property of the company. They may not be used without its prior written consent.

4.      No information from the website may be copied, reproduced, distributed, sold, marketed, rented and translated, including trademarks, images and texts, product design, product images, etc. without the prior written permission of the company.

5.      It is prohibited to form links to contents on the website, which are not the home page of the website (deep link) and it is prohibited to display or publish such content in any way, unless the deep link links to the web page on the website in full and as is, so that it can be viewed and used exactly in the same way as it is being viewed and used at the website, all subject to obtaining the consent of the website management.

6.      The management of the website may order the cancellation of a deep link even after giving its consent to it, at its sole discretion, and in this case, you may not have any claim and / or demand and / or argument against the management of the website.




1.      The company (and / or anyone on its behalf) does not bear, neither directly and / or indirectly, any responsibility for any damages arising from and / or related in any way to the products, their repair, their assembly and / or their replacement.

2.      The company (and / or anyone on its behalf) does not bear, neither directly nor indirectly, any responsibility for damages resulting from the use of and / or reliance on information published on external websites, which can be accessed through any of the services on the website. It is hereby clarified that the company does and will do its best to cooperate with reputable and respectable suppliers only.

3.      The company (and / or anyone on its behalf) does not directly and / or indirectly bear any responsibility for damages arising from and / or related in any way to the use and / or performance of the website.

4.      In any case, the company will not be responsible for any activity of any other party that is not under its full control.


Security, confidentiality and privacy

All the personal details of the customer (name, e-mail, etc.) will be stored in the company’s databases. The use of the information collected will only be made in accordance with this privacy policy or in accordance with the provisions of any law, for the purpose of:

–          Allowing the use of various services on the website.

–          Improving and enriching the services and content offered on the website.

–          Modify or cancel existing services and contents.

–          For the purpose of purchasing products and services on the website – including publishing information and contents.

–          For the purpose of sending information by e-mail (newsletter) and SMS about its services, as well as marketing and advertising information. Such information will only be sent to you if you have given your express consent, and you can revoke your consent and cease receiving it at any time.


1.      The company will not forward your personal details to advertisers. However, it may provide statistical information about the activity of users on the websites. Provided statistical information will not identify you personally.

2.      The company implements up-to-date information security systems and procedures at its websites. While these systems and procedures reduce the risks of unauthorized intrusion, they do not provide complete security. Therefore, the company does not guarantee that its services will be completely immune against unauthorized access to the information stored in them.

3.      The company will not transfer the personal details of a customer to anyone other than the suppliers, if necessary and only for the purpose of completing a transaction.

4.      The company will not make any use of the details of the customer’s means of payment but only to make the payment for a transaction that the customer requested to make, and these details will not be passed on to any other party other than for this purpose. For the avoidance of doubt, the details of the means of payment are not stored in the company’s databases.

5.      Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company may transfer a user’s personal details to a third party in cases where the customer has committed an act or omission that harms and / or may harm the Company and / or any third party, the customer has used the Company’s services to commit an illegal act, Judgments instructing it to provide the details of the customer to a third party as well as in any dispute or legal proceedings.

6.      The company may use the personal details of the customer, without identifying the customer personally, for the purpose of analyzing statistical information and presenting and / or providing it to other parties.

7.      As this involves performing actions in an online environment, the company cannot guarantee complete immunity against intrusion into its computers or the disclosure of the information stored by those committing illegal activities. If a third party is able to penetrate the information held by the company and / or misuse it, the user will not have any claim, demand or argument against the company.

8.      The company may use “cookies” in order to provide the user with a fast and efficient service and save the customer the need to enter his personal details at each login to the website.

9.      Right to review information.


1.      Data Security


The company does everything in its power to protect the confidentiality of the data provided to it, while taking acceptable precautions and using advanced security technologies. You know well that the company devotes resources and takes strict measures to prevent intrusion into the platforms that provide the services, and to prevent possible violation of the end user’s privacy, but cannot completely prevent disruptions in its services.

The Company is obligated to maintain the information in accordance with the provisions of the law regarding the management and use of databases and declares that it acts in accordance with the provisions of the law, including, but not limited to, information security, management and use of databases and use of information. 

2.      Privacy related inquiries

According to the Privacy Protection Law, 5741-1981, you or someone on your behalf may review information about you that is in the Company’s databases and even request that this information be corrected if it is incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate. To exercise this right, you must contact the company in writing.


Use of the website, the user confirms that the Terms and contract with the company will be made exclusively in accordance with the provisions of Israeli law, and the competent court will be the court in the Tel Aviv district, Israel.