The collecting of animal skulls is a fascinating hobby. The subject of skulls has always been of intrinsic interest to humans. Whether it is the huge skull of a T-Rex, or the imagery of the skull and crossbones on the Jolly Roger flag, skulls have always and continue to capture our imagination.

A collectors Triceratops horridus skull on display

Skulls are a great reference point for vertebrate identification and differentiation. A collection of skulls can be visually spectacular as well as educational. Most people who collect skulls are happy to collect from any of the vertebrate families. However, some will specialise and for example collect certain type of skull.

For example, they may collect mammal or reptile skulls. Or maybe carnivore skulls. Hunters may collect skulls as trophies. However you decide to collect make sure you are well aware of the protection status of the specimens you wish to acquire, along with all the state and federal laws related to the collecting of modern animal parts. Otherwise you may find yourself in a load of trouble! To learn more check out