About iCollect

iCollect is software designed for collectors.

In essence, iCollect is collection management software, designed for iPads (Android devices soon!)


iCollect catalogs better than any other app you’ve used.

It achieves this by enabling you to describe your collection by the traits you find important.


Your Star Wars figurines don’t have ISBNs.
Your collection of bottlecaps don’t have titles.
…and that doesn’t matter in iCollect.


Let iCollect help you catalog your collection by the things that actually matter.

Available on the AppStore now.


Shark Jaws

With current known species now totaling well over 500 modern sharks are a fascinating subject. There is a large global community of shark jaw collectors. Some of the most sought after and valuable jaws are Read more…

Why Catalog?

Insurance purposes, Collate all your collection details, from cost, to date of purchase, to item images and more. In the event of an insurance claim this information is invaluable.  Make your collection mobile. Share your Read more…

What do you collect?

Can you see your collection in this list? These are just some of the collections iCollect can help you catalog. Action Figures Advertising Signs Antiques Art Deco Ashtrays Autographs Axes and Hatchets Back scratchers Badges Read more…

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