Maintain your Trading Cards, Comics, Stamps or Coins collections online... For FREE. empowers you, the collector, to manage your collections. Whether it be sports trading cards, trading card games, comic books, stamps or coins - you can manage your collections from anywhere, online.


  • Share items in your collections, as part of your public gallery.
  • iCollect displays your projected collection value.
  • Google Trends is embedded into the site as a research tool.
  • Your data is automatically auto linked to recent eBay sales.
  • Export your data to local files (CSV, Excel, ODS, RTF and more!)

Your Collection

Your collection data might be very deep. Even if you have thousands of entries in the database, you can easily sort the columns ascending/descending, as well as enter a search term in the column field. Results snap back instantly with little delay.


Google Trends and Research

Each item you add to your collection will auto tag to the latest sold data on eBay. With just a click you can see how much your collection items are selling for right now. The same functionality is added in the Research section of your account. By entering in values into the eBay field, it will pull up Bay results of sold values for items with that name. Also within the research category, we make use of Google's Trend API. By entering in some search terms in the trend/interest field, we get back Google's trend report. This is a graph showing the human interest in a topic, person or item, over time. If you prefer more detail, you can click the Google link and view Googles projected interest based upon historic data. It's a great way to spot trends of human interest in a team, player, trading card, etc.


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